1 Q. How quick do you ship orders?

A. We ship most all orders within 24 hours from time of placement. Your phone number on the order is important in case we have a question for you prior to shipment.

2 Q. What size harness do I need?

A. If you are a 48" chest or smaller the standard harness is designed to fit, even with a coat added on later.  The XL will fit 48"-60" chest.

3 Q. Will the cord stretch out?

A. Our cord is designed and mfg in the US and will last through the harshest of treatment. We now have cords with 11 years of full time service in the field and still going strong without stretching out.  In fact we have so much confidence in the harness "Rick" challenges you to stretch it out. 

4 Q. Will the bungee cord dig into me?

A. No and we ask that you read the reviews.  Our harness is made of one continuous single bungee cord, that when adjusted, hugs your body all the way around.  This transfers the weight equally on all contact points as compared to harnesses that hang on you. This is the biggest surprise to our customers is the comfort.

5 Q. How big of binoculars will it support?

A. We have guides using large 12 x 56 binoculars and like it.  The size of the focal power is not as important as the over all weight.  Even though we have customers with super heavy glass "Rick" feels that much over 40 OZ of weight starts to push the limits.  The cord will support more weight its just a matter of his personal comfort lever.

6 Q.  How do I shorten the harness?

A. We have a video that shows you how to remove and reassemble the plastic pigtail end of the cord embedded on the website and available on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MasRTDujdGo 

7 Q How to install the dual attachment for rangefinder or other hardware?

A If you follow the video link on how to shorten the harness it will teach you the steps to disassemble and reassemble the harness pigtail end.  From there you must slide one cord out of the pinch grommet then remove the male clip that supports your binos, then slide the male end of the dual attachment on your cord and replace the male clip that supports your binos.  Now feed the cord back through the pinch grommet and check to make sure both loops of your harness hang straight. If not, spin the cord end so the loops hang straight, not twisted.  Replace the pigtail end per instructions in the video

8 Q How to install the safety whistle

Remove the pigtail end cap from your harness with a pair of pliers. Pinch the tip very hard and walk the end right out of the hub.

Slide the black collar of the whistle over your two lose ends of the harness.

Make sure your cords are straight and not twisted.

Place the ends or each cord in the slot on the side of the whistle. Both sides

While hold them in place with your thumb and index finger slide the black hub up to the whistle

Pull/stretch the cord to make it thin and the black hub will go together with the whistle.

Once you have it on, push both parts together hard until you hear 2 clicks



8 Q. Can you remove the whistle without breaking it, and put it back on?

A. Yes, by squeezing the black collar end of the whistle, on the narrow face of the collar with channel lock pliers you will be able to walk or separate the whistle a part to remove the cords.  Pay attention to the placement of the cord ends so you can reassemble properly.  As you slide the two pieces back together, pull on the two cords to stretch them thin and this allows enough space for the plastic whistle to snap back together.

10 Q.  Do you ship out of the USA

A. Yes we ship USPS for the best rate.  Tracking is available until USPS hand it off to your local post master. If you want full tracking FedEx or UPS will be needed and the rate is very high.

11 Q How much weight will the plastic clips support?

A. The male/female clips breaks at 35lb each giving you 70lb combined

12 Q. How much weight will the thin bino connection straps support?

A. These little guys are amazingly strong. 42lb is the breaking point for 1 and 74lb for two together

13 Q. Plastic connection clip pulled apart on its own, is it broke?

A. No its not broke, this problem is rare but when it happens the tabs on the male half need to be bent out in an aggressive way.  They wont break off!  When the part cured the tabs curled in a tiny amount.  This will fix the problem and you shouldn't ever see the issue again.

14 Q. Is the neoprene bino cover water proof?

A. The cover is made of neoprene and that is water proof. You can add water proof spray to the stitched areas if you desire.

15 Q. What size neoprene cover do I need for my Binos?

A. Measure the length and match it to our size chart.  If the cover is a little snug we recommend leaving it on your binos year round to take the shape needed to fit.  Remember these do stretch but its best to get as close to the right size as possible.  

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