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Rick Young Outdoors LLC, manufactures cool and innovative products that work for the outdoor enthusiast. This includes: hunting, fishing, bird watching, farming, patrolling, and many more activities.

The founder, Rick Young was born out West with a lever action 30/30 Marlin in his hands at the age of 12. Rick has since become well known as an excellent archery hunter and rifle hunter. Rick Co-Hosted NW Hunter TV for 15 years which was broadcasted on networks across the US and Wild Outdoor Adventures produced in Argentina for another 2 years.

His experience speaks volumes and the development of products such as the Ultra Light Bino harness has turned heads around the world. When the Bino Buddy harness was first developed we all thought it was our best friend. Over time, we realized the Bino Buddy was as much help as hindrance. Rick Young’s Ultra Light harness (1 ounce) hit the market with huge improvements. Reducing your binocular straps in size and creating a single point of adjustment meant they were fast to adjust and easy to put on without tangles or saggy straps. The shock cord is built to last and in fact Rick challenges you to wear it out. The cord is made in the USA under strict guidelines to stand the test of time. Rick Young's Bino harness is a 5 star rated adventure equipment and without a doubt, the best binocular harness on the market. Some buys have been quoted as calling it an essential piece of gear for outdoor adventurers.

You will find other innovative products like the Vertical Gun Racks, Gerber EZ open knife designed by Rick Young. Binocular covers made of water proof neoprene and super light nylon covers. Range finders are difficult to carry and have ready on a whim; the dual attachment completes the marriage with the Ultra Light harness. Quickly attach your ranger finder, GPS or game call to the ultra Light Bino harness and still have the ability to remove it at the push of a button.

Rifle scope covers manufactured in the USA with recover straps and built in pull straps; these are designed for people who love the hunt! RYO Hunting DVD titles have received awards like the Best of the Best at the Outdoor Film Festival and to Rick’s credit of 11 Telly Awards for film quality production. The hunting events include: Rocky Mountain Goat Hunting, Elk Hunting, Blacktail Deer Hunting, Hound Hunting, Dall sheep, Rocky Mt Bighorn, Stone sheep, Desert sheep, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, Varmint Hunting, Africa dangerous game, Mule Deer Hunting are all good example of what you would find.

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