Innovative Products for Hunters

Here at Rick Young Outdoors we design, manufacture and sell a variety of field proven products that we believe in 100%  Hunting time is precious for most people, and we respect that.  Any of the gear that you find here has been built from the ground up with your success in mind

What makes us the experts?  Rick has hunted all over the world with at least 400 outfitters and produced 350 shows with Northwest Hunter, and many more with Wild Outdoor Adventures.  Guided many hunters and skinned many animals  During that time he developed gear for his own use and logged countless hours of campfire time listening to other hunters regarding problems they had with their equipment.

Ultra-light Binocular Harness

The Ultra-light Bino Harness is a complete reinvention of the harness system as you knew it. Gone are the outstretched twisted flat straps that vibrate in the wind and the clumsy 4 slider adjustments. With multiple ways to wear the Ultra-Light Harness, you won't find a more versatile binocular/Camera harness anywhere!

Hunting Videos

While he may have retired from the grind of producing a weekly hunting tv show, Rick is still active in the field and producing high quality niche market hunting videos such as Hounds in Hot Pursuit, Sheep - High Altitude Adventures & Hunting the Elusive Blacktail.

Our latest title, SLAM THIS, has won the Outdoor Film Festival's Best in Show Award!