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  • Adjustment allows users to place hang binos where they want and they will not slip
  • Black Harness
  • Olive harness
  • Image 4
  • Hardware that is adjustable with a push of the button
  • Male female disconnects, breaking point 35 pounds each
  • Orange Harness
  • Pink Harness with thread of black
  • Packaging
  • Orange Harness
  • Olive Harness
  • Binoculars stay tight to chest
  • Image 13
  • Image 14
  • Image 15
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  • Image 18
  • Image 19

Basic Ultra-light Bino Harness

$29.95 $24.99
(You save $4.96)

Product Description

SPECIAL BUY - PURCHASE 2 standard or 2 safety harnesses and save $10.00 

There are several suspension systems on the market today for binoculars and range finders but none like this one. Watch the video provided and compare. The idea of having your bino's readily accessible is a good one, but traditional suspension systems are bulky and they stretch out and sag. Our USA mfg shock cord does not get soft and lose its elastic strength or memory. The shock cord grips or hugs your body and transfers the weight of your binoculars equally around your shoulder and chest without digging into your skin or body. Unlike the wide flat strap harnesses our round cord will not vibrate or flutter in the wind. After 7 years of field testing and now thousands of happy customers I think it's safe to say that we have reinvented the bino harness from the ground up. Fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly fit the harness to your change of clothing. Never again will your binos be down at your belt line. 

Advantages of the Ultra-light Bino Harness

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Wear 5 different positions
  • Stores tangle free wrapped back around your binoculars
  • Cool to wear - does not trap body heat and allows your body to breath
  • Virtually no wind vibration as experienced with flat strap type
  • Less strain when stretching Binoculars to view through yet extremely durable and firmly hold binoculars to your chest
  • Field tested for many years now and stretch cord does not lose its shape or effectiveness
  • Fasteners are of made of tested and proven composite

Patented design

Product Videos

Ultra Light Bino Harness by RYO 03:22

Rick Young Outdoors brings the most versatile Bino harness on the market today. 1 OZ yet it can hold many pounds. This is the only harness that offers 4 positions to ware and wont sag or loose its adjustment. Quality quick release hardware and single point adjustment makes this a user friendly product. Round shock cords don't vibrate in the wind like a flat strap styles. 2 year warranty on a $20 item Amazing its made in the USA

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    Rick Young Outdoors brings the most versatile Bino harness on ...
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    How to attach a second item to the Ultra-light Binocular harne...
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    How to shorten the Rick Young Outdoor Ultra light Harness with...

Product Reviews

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  1. Unbeatable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Dec 2016

    I use binoculars every day and have done for 40 years. Have tried every conceivable strap and harness known to modern man. Nothing really worked and functioned like I had hoped. Then found R.Young harness on line. It was inexpensive and the 3 minute You-tube demo really prompted me to try it. Well, now Im a raving fan of this simple, effective and practical binocular harness. It works like a charm and serves the purpose admirably.

  2. Best Bino Harness I have used! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Dec 2016

    This has been the best harness i have used. Very simplistic, functional, and love the quick connects. Especially for the range find or other outdoor accessory! I think Rick has hit a home run with this product ! I bow hunt Elk , Deer, and Hogs , minimal movement is a must, his harness keeps the bino tight to the chess and requires little one hand movement to bring up for looking. Same with rangefinder.

  3. Great binocular harness 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2016

    These are very good products. This is not my first harness. I like them so well I bought an extra set in case I get more binoculars.

  4. 6 months on... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2016

    I bought one last summer, as a try-out, having seen guys using harnesses in the Caucasus Mts. I've used conventional straps all my life, but no more.... Whatever you may think, there is no cut or pinch at all from the shock cord. They're discreet, easy to pack and after a couple of weeks, completely natural (to the point i realised i still was wearing my bins an hour after getting home!)
    You can also move fast without the optics banging on your chest, cross ditches without having to support your bins, climb over gates and stiles with both hands free.
    Very comfortable, very easy to wear and highly recommended.

  5. Better than strap style binocular harness 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2016

    I have been using a strap style binocular harness for a few years. It's been far better for my neck than using the supplied strap.

    However, I have to say that in my brief experience using this product, it is far more comfortable and easier to adjust than the strap style. It also does not bounce around as much. I haven't experimented with the different styles of wearing it, but I'm looking forward to doing so particularly as I often carry a camera (DSLR + 400mm) with me when birding.

    I bought the harness to use with a smaller pair of 8X32 binoculars, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they worked equally well with my heavier 10x42 binoculars as well.

    The only thing left to wonder is if the elastic will last the distance, but it is quite thick and heavy duty as described, so no reason to think it won't. Only time will tell.

  6. Awesome Design 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2016

    I was already using a similar harness that used sturdy cord and metal fixtures. When on a birding trip recently, I noticed one of the participants using this product. I bought it only recently and have worn it only two days in the field thus far. But I can tell it is a winner. The harness is very comfortable and well engineered. I can tell it will last.

  7. Ultra-light harness in use 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Nov 2016

    This is the best harness-style bino support I've found, much easier in use than the strap-style harnesses. The ability to quickly adjust length to suit the bulk of different clothing is convenient, but I find the long 'ponytail' of surplus shock cord when I'm wearing a T-shirt can get caught up in thick cover. Can't have it both ways I guess.
    Side note from Rick- Watch You Tube video on how to shorten your harness. See it on RYO site

  8. Best Harness i've ever used 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2016

    This is the best and most comfortable harness I've ever used.It's very easy to put on and adjust.

  9. LOVE IT! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2016

    This harness is the best one I have tried! I love how the binos just glide right up the cord and I am not constantly fighting with the straps (like I was with my old harnesses)! The binos stayed secure to my chest and the small cord was way more comfortable than the thick straps of other harnesses and didn't put pressure on my neck. I would recommend this harness to other hunters any day!

  10. Best Bino Harness 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2016

    I hunt a lot of squirrels , I like to keep it light weight in the woods , this bino harness is the most simple and most stream line there is , not expensive and does its job very well , very nice design .

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