Basic Ultra-light Bino Harness

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There are several suspension systems on the market today for binoculars and range finders but none like this one. Watch the video provided and compare. The idea of having your bino's readily accessible is a good one, but traditional suspension systems are bulky and they stretch out and sag. Our USA mfg shock cord does not get soft and lose its elastic strength or memory. The shock cord grips or hugs your body and transfers the weight of your binoculars equally around your shoulder and chest without digging into your skin or body. Unlike the wide flat strap harnesses our round cord will not vibrate or flutter in the wind. After 7 years of field testing and now thousands of happy customers I think it's safe to say that we have reinvented the bino harness from the ground up. Fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly fit the harness to your change of clothing. Never again will your binos be down at your belt line. 

Advantages of the Ultra-light Bino Harness

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Wear 5 different positions
  • Stores tangle free wrapped back around your binoculars
  • Cool to wear - does not trap body heat and allows your body to breath
  • Virtually no wind vibration as experienced with flat strap type
  • Less strain when stretching Binoculars to view through yet extremely durable and firmly hold binoculars to your chest
  • Field tested for many years now and stretch cord does not lose its shape or effectiveness
  • Fasteners are of made of tested and proven composite

Patented design

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  • 5
    Bino Harness

    Posted by A Hersh on 11th Dec 2018

    The best money can buy !!! No more hot cross pcs on your back and they won't retain water like most of the competition. Liked the so well i bought 6 more and gave them to my hunting buddies

  • 5
    Basic Ultra-Light Bino Harness

    Posted by Gary Sulcer on 24th Nov 2018

    The ultra-light bono harness is simply amazing. Combined with first rate craftsmanship and ingenuity, this harness works equally well in the Whitetail woods of Illinois to the Elk meadows of Montana! The harness is easily adjustable and extremely lightweight! I have one for my 8x30 binos which I use for Whitetails and one for my 10x42 binos which I use for Western hunting. I also have an attachment on each bino harness which easily and securely connects my rangefinder. The Ultra-Light Bino Harness is a bowhunter’s dream. Holding the binos and the rangefinder close to the body, they are easily and quietly accessible in an instant! I highly recommend the Ultra-Light Bino Harness and several other products sold here! It is definitely money well spent! Thanks Rick for making such great products! Respectfully,
    Gary Sulcer

  • 5
    ultralight bonocular harness

    Posted by Juang Wei Jung on 23rd Nov 2018


  • 5
    Bono Harness

    Posted by Robb Moody on 5th Nov 2018

    I have a couple of these for myself. I liked them so much I bought one more for me and one for each of my two daughters. Awesome product. Nothing compares to it on the market especially if you add the range finder clip.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Peter Stoica on 29th Oct 2018

    I do not like your harness....I love it! It has changed my use of binos: many of my binos now have weights close or even over 1000g, which I would not have even considered before. In fact my Zeiss FL 10x56 (1250g) with your harness is more comfortable to carry than any of my 32mm binos on a strap, which weigh 550g-600g. Right now I have 6 harnesses and a bunch of extra connectors, but I have friends who have more than 12 RYOULHs and use them even with their compact binos.
    Out of curiosity, also are you working on any enhanced version of it? (assuming that it's possible to improve it....).

    Best regards,

  • 5
    Happy Happy Happy

    Posted by Jason B on 18th Sep 2018

    I just used one on a 9day Bivy hunt in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, I like the simplicity of it, and it doesn't wear a sore spot on your body after days of wearing like other harness's do. Would definitely get one again!

  • 5
    Good Product

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2018

    We are very happy with the harnesses. In the beginning, they were difficult to understand how they worked. One criticism though, it would have been nice not to have metal rings that clasp onto the binoculars because they mar the binocs.
    RYO: We have rubber connection straps for those who are worried about scratching, but they also act as a swivel and keep your hardware running square to the harness cord

  • 5
    You Need this

    Posted by Benny Cartlidge on 21st May 2018

    I love mine and had to buy a second one because I gave mine to my guide in Africa. Works perfect

  • 5
    Best Binoc-straps on the market

    Posted by AlanD on 15th May 2018

    We were birding the Deschutes River in Oregon when a guy we met on trail told me about this remarkable ultra-light binoculars harness, and where to buy one. Intrigued, I picked up a set and have been using them now for about a year, and I have yet to be disappointed. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on. The ultra-light harness provides total freedom of movement when using the binoculars, but little to no bouncing, swaying or movement when walking, even over varied terrain that requires stooping, reaching, and jumping. If I want to ensure no movement when crossing very rugged terrain, a quick pull on the adjuster tightens them up, and they are easy to loosen again with the push of a button on the adjustment mechanism. So adjustment is very quick and very easy. The small size makes storing them right in the binoc case easy, and they do not twist, turn, kink, or knot. I have worn them over heavy winter jackets and over a T-shirt and they work equally well, with the added benefit of not being hot or restrictive in summer months. I will never consider a return to the wide-strap style harness system as long as these are available. Wide straps too are bulky and uncomfortable. My wife was skeptical and stayed with her wide strap harness until finally giving in after continually seeing me slip into the ultra-light harness with ease, and without any twisting and knotting of straps. Her comment upon slipping into them was "Why didn't I switch sooner?" The RYO ultra-light system is by far the best binocular harness on the market.