Safety Ultra Light Bino Harness

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With this option our users have the comfort of knowing they have a useful safety or communication tool at all times. All outdoors enthusiasts know the value of packing a whistle but seldom follow through with such advice. Now with this attached to your Bino harness it's there when you need it. In some situations it's better to communicate with a soft blow of your whistle rather than yelling or keying a radio to communicate which can give your presence away. No batteries needed is a plus when the chips are down and help is needed.

Advantages of the Ultra-light Bino Harness

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Stores tangle free wrapped back around your binoculars
  • Cool to wear - does not trap body heat and allows your body to breath
  • Virtually no wind vibration as experienced with flat strap type
  • Less strain when stretching Binoculars to view through yet extremely durable and firmly hold binoculars to your chest
  • Field tested for many years now and stretch cord does not lose its shape or effectiveness
  • Fasteners are of made of tested and proven composite

Patent Pending

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  • 5
    Wonder Strap

    Posted by Brian on 23rd Nov 2016

    Awesome design!

  • 5
    works great !

    Posted by john on 16th Nov 2016

    Haven't used it in the field yet but have played with it enough to know it will work great ! Showed some of my friends and they were all impressed with the ease of adjustment and ways to carry it,, also liked the fact of not being bulky to, you can roll it up and not have the cumbersome mess of most harness systems. In combo with the camo cover you have a great system for carry!

  • 4
    Does the trick!

    Posted by Paddy Shaw on 15th Aug 2016

    Harnesses aren't big business in the UK - maybe the lack of hunting. However, i saw our guides in Georgia and Armenia using them on a recent bird tour, and was impressed by their 'no hands' sprinting around the Caucasian foothills.
    I spend a lot of time crossing stiles, crawling under fences etc. and thought one might be worth a try. Rick Young's looked the lightest weight and least obvious, so bought one, and glad i did. It took a couple of trips to get used to, but now i forget i've got it on, and appreciate the lack of 2 inches of neoprene stuck to my neck on a humid day.
    I've changed the clipping arrangement to Optech Adapt-its on the bins and dual locakable clips on the strap, just because i didn't want metal-on-metal through the binocular fixing points. There's enough extra in the harness for a 35 stone man wearing four coats, so i cut some away. Advice on how to do this on the website.
    Great product - set all the bins up with adapt-its so no problem when swapping optics.

  • 5
    Simply and brilliant

    Posted by Drew Paul on 30th Mar 2016

    Very clever yet very simple and well thought out product, I absolutely love it. It also makes a darn fine camera strap. In fact whatever it is you have hanging round your neck, be it a camera, binoculars, moose call, night vision scope, saxophone... well maybe not saxophone, but anything else you're hanging round your neck that you don't want swinging around like a wrecking ball and crashing into things when you bend over should go on one of these. Buy one, you'll be glad you did.

  • 5
    recently purchased two ultra lt binoc harnesses and extra connector set

    Posted by Bill - Memphis, TN on 3rd Feb 2016

    I recently purchased 2 of the Ultra-light Bino Harnesses (w/whistle) and extra connector kits. I am very pleased with this outfit for my mid-sized 10x30 and 8x32 binocs. This is the lightest, most compact (for storage in the binoc case), and most versatile binoc harness of the 5 or 6 that I have purchased. It works very well as described in the video. If you are using the harness with full size binocs (10x42 etc) you probably will want to use a shirt with a collar. Excellent product.

  • 5
    Simple effective design

    Posted by Doc Gus on 2nd Jan 2016

    I liked this harness so much I had to buy another and one for each of my sons

  • 5
    quality verisatile

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2015

    Great product

  • 5
    works perfectly!

    Posted by Peter on 7th Oct 2015

    Easy and quick to right anyway you want! Awesome!

  • 5
    Good Investment

    Posted by James Mathisen on 11th Aug 2015

    I have the Bino harness and the bib for the leica's. The best investment I have made on Bino gear ! I haven't had to use the whistle and if I do it's a nice added bonus for safety.