Swarovski harness adapters

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Our Swarovski harness adapter is machined to fit perfectly on the mounting pin of the EL, ELR and NL series binoculars.  Made from stainless and designed to replace the stock plastic hub.  Now you can mount the harness split ring directly to the RYO hub without any damage caused by frequent use.  The real advantage of this is you eliminate the need for additional straps which add uncontrolable whip.  The more strap you eliminate between the binoculars and your harness the tighter the binoculars will ride.

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    Swarovski harness adapters

    Posted by DrP on 2nd Jul 2021

    These things are extremely well made and will last longer than 10 pairs of binoculars. HOWEVER, they weigh a ton. The pair weighs in at 22 grams. Through a different material selection or a machining away of excess mass, an equally good product could be made. At the price offered, I don't think a weight reduction is unreasonable. Mine are going back.

    RYO, Customer never returned adapters and the weight is less than .08 of and ounce with both combined

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    High-quality harness adapters

    Posted by Mort on 24th May 2021

    We installed these high-quality harness adapters on the family's Swarovski EL's and NL Pure's, they are metal and appear to be basically indestructible. Probably the original Swarovski plastic harness adapters would have held up fine, but I figured why take a chance on a plastic one cracking. Anytime I can upgrade a plastic part on anything I own with a metal part, I'm in.

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    Swaro Bino Adapters

    Posted by Paul Skears on 17th May 2021

    Excellent fit and very well made, but then you wouldn’t expect anything else from Rick!