Tripod Head Ball FBH-35D

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Field Optics Ball Head FBH-35D

This head was built for the guy who covers a lot of ground.  Shaving weight, not performance. The horizontal rotation is remarkably smooth with tracking 360 degrees, the rotation of the plate has resistance which is fluid yet self holding and if needed the thumb screw allows you to lock it in place. The ball clamp allows the user to lock the ball down or allow it to rotate in all directions with a controlled amount of drag.  There is nothing quite like this out there, low cost and high performance!  The FBH 35 is designed without a control handle, you will use your spotting scope as if it was the handle, obviously designed to save weight.  Look at the price!  That's right! and it performs like a much more expensive model.  Don't over look the fit and function coupled with the Microlite FT501 Carbon tripod. 


height 3.3"

Arca Swiss quick release plate included

2 Spirit levels built in, one on thumb screw and the other in the base plate

Tension control thumb lever to lock the ball rotation

Construction Aluminum

Pan 360 degrees with a tilt of 90 degrees

load capacity 13lb.

Total weight 8.8 ounces