Bipod Stubby Stix

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The RYO Bipod Stubby Stix is designed to support your rifle for a prone shot or off the top of a raised shelf of some kind.  If you need a little support and don't want to clamp a fixed bipod on the end of your firearm then this is your ideal set up.  They are built with high quality 7000 series aircraft aluminum and heavy wall .035 gauge construction.  The hinge is our patented super quiet neoprene lashing designed to take the abuse of the sun and cold weather.  Like our Steady Stix the hinge wont slam shut on you like other styles of hinge. The feet are machined out of solid aluminum stock for a positive grip in the soil or rocks. Finished with mat gray anodizing for the concealment you are looking for. The soft rubber tubing sleeves are to protect the rifle finish from markings and prevent noise during set up.

Just some of the Benefits 

Weighs only 3 ounces

Packs easy in your back pack or long pocket.

Sliding your rifle in a scabbard or gun sheath remains easy

Allows the rifle to pivot in all directions without moving the feet of the bipod

As compared to clamp on bipods this system keeps your rifle balanced and easy to carry.

Gives you that little lift needed to stabilize your rifle when your back pack just isn't enough.