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Once again RYO is turning heads with cool ideas that accomplish more and weigh less, re-designed Stix from the ground up. After 2.5 years in the making here‘s the skinny! video demo 


Starting with a redesigned aluminum anchor tip, connected to robust shock cord using aluminum hog clamps. Our cord is designed with our proprietary formula that’s stronger in stretch than anything else made for this purpose. Our tubes are made of 7075 Aluminum giving them the best performance possible with flex and strength. Heavy wall tubing with an enlarged 9.5 mm O.D creates the perfect storm of strength and feather weight package for the professional.

The rubber bumpers at each joint muffle the deployment of the stix, made from EPDM material which is known in the industry as having the best UV protection possible. The long sleeves that protect your rifles finish are also made from the same material. Our hinge is the best! Designed to hold the spread of the stix in the open position rather than self-closing like our competitors. Also made of EPDM material which is additionally resistant to gas and oil products holding their shape for years to come.

Our Patented head platform is where the Stix really shine! From a sitting position you can glass for hours without any arm or shoulder fatigue. This creates a solid viewing image that’s crystal clear to your eyes, even a lessor quality pair of binos will be improved by this method of glassing. With a simple adjustment the heads quickly open-up a shooting lane for your rifle to rest on. As shown in the photos from a standing position the weight is transferred to you lower arm where it’s secured to your belly or hip. This is a rock-solid method of glassing without any shoulder or back fatigue.

The Velcro wrap has two functions, to secure the stix when folded for travel and when fully deployed they secure the stix together, creating the strength needed for a walking companion. A full 40” length they do add enough balance to your step for a comfortable walk-about. The angle provide on the viewing platform heads nest perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Holster or Sheath is another US made component of our product, supported with a patented clip that won’t fall off, in fact you will normally require two hands to release the clip from your belt.  As you can see the Steady Stix truly are rebuilt from the ground up. Video demo 


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    Quick Stix

    Posted by Craig Williams on 13th Jun 2023

    I would rate these as average. For a lighter rifle like my .25/06 on coyote they work well. Quick to deploy and steady. For elk hunting with my .375 h&h they do not do well. The rifle is heavy and the stix are hard to hold to prevent collapsing. The feet seem to want to spread unless I use a very hard grip to hold them up. For a steady shot at 200 yards plus they seem to add challenge rather than a steady base. Again for a lighter rifle and coyote they work quite well.

    (RYO) comment- The sticks are heavy wall designed for heavy rifles. I think what is happening is that the tips of the sticks aren't poked in the ground, maybe Craig is shooting on a hard surface in a blind or something. You can sharpen the aluminum feet to a sharper point but we don't for liability. My 338 Edge is 14.5 lb and it works great on these sticks . Nothing was mentioned regarding the bino viewing capability. We post all customer comments, the good, bad and even better ;)

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    Shooting/Glassing Stix

    Posted by Greg on 16th Apr 2023

    Got a set at the NRA show, Thay are everything they claim.

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    Fantastic stix

    Posted by Marvin G on 26th Feb 2023

    Never used any kind of sticks before these Steady Stix and now realize, at 70 years old, that you can learn something new at any age! Harvested a 20lb double bearded Tom here in Pennsylvania last season and have never been so focused on the target!

    These Stix are well made, easily carried, and steady.

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    Steady sticks

    Posted by Shane on 28th Dec 2021

    I just purchased these at the cowboy Christmas and they are phenomenal, I went on a hunt and I was able to set them on top of the sticks glass out my dear and take a good steady shot right off the same stick, fold them up instantly put them in the holster and walk down the hill to retrieve my deer !!! Thanks to Rick Young outdoors for making a new and the best shooting stick on the market today!!!!!